Thursday, October 25, 2012

PLC Update

Our PLC group met again this morning to touch base and see how things have been going.  We started out with another video clip from a classroom observation.  One of our members has begun using the red/green cups (a strategy found in Dylan Wiliam's book Embedded Formative Assessment).  We were able to get a good video of a lesson where these were used well and I edited it to just under 3 minutes.  During this time we saw how during one example, a large amount of the students changed their cups to red, so the teacher went through the example as a class discussion.  Two other times individual students changed their cups to red, so the teacher dealt with them individually.  During our meeting the teacher reflected on how things have been going.  She said she was nervous to try this, as it seems so elementary, and she has grade 10 and 12 students.  However she said they are liking it and asking for them.  She said she hasn't yet asked them why they like it.  We have discussed possibly furthering our video to include video clips of the students sharing their thoughts on the use of the cups.

Two other teachers shared what they observed during a classroom observation.  One noticed a difference in questioning techniques, and the other on organization of board space during the lesson.

We left the meeting with a goal of within one month each teacher needs to make a point of observing someone else and being observed.

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